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Blue WhatsApp
App Name Blue WhatsApp
App Version V10.06
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category WhatsApp Blue
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

What is Blue WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Blue Today in this article, we will explain to you an application that, WhatsApp Plus upon its release, caused a sensation among users. Because of the great benefits that Blue WhatsApp has provided to them; The application is an updated version of the official WhatsApp application, but with newer and better features than the official application. This application is developed by the developer of Plus WhatsApp; So let's get acquainted with the application and the features that the user can get when using the Blue WhatsApp application.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Download Blue WhatsApp against the ban, it is one of the Plus applications and it is an advanced version of the WhatsApp application; That a group of developers added

Many advantages so that the updated version adapts to the desires of users

Plus WhatsApp. In addition, one of the most important advantages offered by the modified version is downloading Blue WhatsApp: it allows the user to run two versions of WhatsApp on the same device; This is without the user needing to root his phone. Copy WhatsApp supports Note 4, 5, Edge (S8 - 9 - 10) Edge and other WhatsApp Blue Beatrick devices.

A brief summary of the Blue WhatsApp application against ban and hacker

Today, in this explanation, we will talk about a new application among the well-known applications. How is the latest version of WhatsApp Blue; Which is considered a modified version of the official WhatsApp application; But with many differences; Including the presence of many features in the WhatsApp application that are not present in the official application.

Download Plus WhatsApp

Blue WhatsApp update, the user will be able to communicate with friends; for voice calls, video calls, or text chats; But all this is done without the user paying money for calls or messages.

All a user needs is an internet connection; download #WhatsApp Blue, through which the user can share various statuses with friends; that expresses its status, whether it is a photo, video clip, or written status; This status only lasts for 24 hours, and after 24 hours the user's status disappears.

New in the latest Blue WhatsApp update

The WhatsApp application is one of the best applications, because it is very similar to the most famous application, which is; The official WhatsApp application.

This also puts it ahead of its peer users.

It is also among the rest of the programs and applications that compete in providing their services in the official WhatsApp.

This is because the Blue WhatsApp app, developed by the developer; This app is constantly downloading its updates.

In terms of privacy, as well as the additions and information that is available for downloading Blue WhatsApp, on our site you can get all versions of WhatsApp and always update them, as the most popular WhatsApp application is characterized by the fact that it contains more and better services, functions and features; It does not contain the original WhatsApp. With the improvement of services and the addition of fixes for each update of the WhatsApp application.

Plus WhatsApp update

Blue WhatsApp, there is also a camera icon in the program; It is also used to take live photos and videos to send to different friends; The application also allows WhatsApp users to create groups and add a number of friends to them. To communicate with them at the same time and quickly.

Explanation of some additions in WhatsApp Blue Download Plus WhatsApp

Download the latest version of Blue WhatsApp.

Download Blue WhatsApp for free without restrictions.

WhatsApp Blue As there are many features that have been added in the versions of the Blue WhatsApp application, and among those advantages provided by Plus WhatsApp:

Blue WhatsApp, without the need for external software, the user can upload the stories of his contacts.

Through the settings of the WhatsApp Blue application, its appearance can be hidden; And the blue tick.

In addition to hiding who viewed friends status, and many other privacy settings.

The app also has a theme store with more than 1,250 themes.

The user can also control the silence of the Plus WhatsApp application for iPhone.

Where you can change to Facebook or Twitter, through the application settings, and WhatsApp without having to exit the application.

The user can also close the application or a specific conversation.

Through the application, the user can also send various files such as (zip, rar, apk, exe, and others).

Similarly, in terms of images, through the Blue WhatsApp application, the user can send 100 images in one go.

Pictures are also sent in high resolution.

User can also send messages to unsaved numbers and various other settings.

Blue WhatsApp apk also has the various features present.

This application also supports different Android devices, as it supports versions of Kitkat 4.4.4g 4.1.2g 4.4.2.

In addition, in terms of the design of the application, the design is modern and the application has a large number of features.

Is WhatsApp Blue hacked?

Blue WhatsApp is considered the latest version of one of the most important applications on the scene, WhatsApp Blue it is also downloaded by millions of users, and the programmers have made a copy against the ban and hacker, also the download of Plus WhatsApp is completely safe on all phones and no one can hack it, as the new version It has many wonderful and beautiful features, which help the user and provide him with many advantages and characteristics that distinguish him from any other Blue WhatsApp, so there is no concern about using the application because it is completely safe and a free version for Android.

WhatsApp Blue update

Download WhatsApp Blue

Blue WhatsApp. The user can also control all account settings, such as the profile picture, so that the user can make it available to all friends, or select only certain people to see it, and the status section also, the user can control that. As well as the biography, which was a sentence of several letters written by the person, which contain expressions and sayings.

Download WhatsApp Blue for free

Download WhatsApp Blue easily

Download Blue WhatsApp. In messages, the user can hide the two blue icons of reading the message.

The application allows the user to locate it. However, Blue WhatsApp this feature is only available in certain countries, as it has not yet been activated in Egypt. WhatsApp Blue has been updated, and in terms of visibility, the user can hide his appearance to friends or anyone.

How to download the latest #Blue WhatsApp Blue WhatsApp APK

Blue WhatsApp for iPhone

You can now download the latest Blue WhatsApp update against the ban. How to download for all devices and phones, whether iPhone or Android.

Follow our site. Blue direct WhatsApp online.

To get the latest version of WhatsApp Blue with all its advanced versions, you only need to go through our website separately, and our website allows you to download all the different versions of WhatsApp easily and it is the place where all the versions of WhatsApp are located, when you click on the download button it will be easily downloaded to your mobile Without any problem, and you will not be exposed to any harm to your device, because these copies are completely safe for all phones, and there is a link below the article to facilitate the download process, just click on the download button and follow the simple steps.

Download, #Blue WhatsApp | Download Blue WhatsApp latest version

Download Blue WhatsApp easily and conveniently using the link below the article, there is no problem with how to download the application, and WhatsApp Blue is one of the most important applications accepted by users all over the world, as many people do.

Reliance on it to communicate with each other, because the developer added there are many features, also some features that make it easier for the user to use the application and give a beautiful touch to the application, downloading a form that allows the user to enjoy all the features of the application without the need for other users.

Blue WhatsApp update features latest version

Blue WhatsApp update

There are also around 500 different statuses available on Blue WhatsApp, including Status, Romance, Religion, and Romance. User can define it.

The user can also return to the previous interface through this application.

There is also a feature to prevent others from knowing that you have seen the cases, this feature is not present in the official application.

The application also contains important sites that different users need, such as some student sites, religious sites, and others.

Download Blue WhatsApp, there are also amazing tools; Where it hides messages sent and received from the application

Download the Blue WhatsApp application, the program includes morning and evening remembrances and the Holy Qur’an.

The user can also reply to the message by swiping left or right.

Fixed instability issue on some devices.

Fixed an issue where hidden messages appeared on the call screen.

Download WhatsApp Blue

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